Hey there, I’m Michael – a blend of software engineer, part-time mad scientist, and a full-time tech enthusiast. My idea of fun revolves around experimenting with new ideas, algorithms and diving into new libraries, always eager to test the limits of what’s possible in tech. Of course, I enjoy other kinds of fun too, but since this is a tech blog, let’s stick to the geeky stuff!

You might wonder, “Who’s this guy?” Well, I used to be one of those “dark matter developers” (here’s what that means), quietly coding away in the background. But things changed. Here’s a little story: one chilly day at the office, I turned up in just a T-shirt. My boss, noticing this, asked if I’d be cold in Siberia. Confused, I said I’d never been. He replied, “Congratulations, you’re going to speak at a tech conference there.” And just like that, I began my journey from the shadows into the spotlight.

Now, whenever I have enough free time, I’m out here blogging and speaking at conferences. Which happened less and less a few last years, but I don’t intend to become the dark matter developer ever again. And sure, the recognition is great, but what really drives me is the chance to inspire fellow devs. I want to encourage you to build awesome stuff and push your limits. Also, don’t hesitate to share your work with others, if you don’t do it already. You might find it more rewarding than you expect.

Check out my GitHub to see the fruits of my curiosity and persistence. From operating system APIs to exploring new frameworks, I’m up for any challenge. My journey hasn’t just been about overcoming challenges but also about smart solutions. Take, for instance, that time when I got tired of repeatedly writing WCF client code at my day job. Over a weekend, I created a WCF client generator using dynamic IL generation. It was a game-changer, saving countless hours for me and my team.

This blog and my conference talks aren’t just about gaining fame (though that’s a nice perk). They’re my way of helping other developers enhance their skills and perhaps spark some innovation. If you’ve got ideas, feedback, or just want to talk tech, don’t hesitate to reach out. Who knows, together we might just stir up the tech world a bit more.